Primary Production

With many existing Primary Production clients, all accountants within the practice have extensive experience with respect to Primary Producers.  This encompasses both accounting and compliance for Primary Producers and more advanced matters including succession planning, land transfers and capital gains and stamp duty exemptions.

Farming can be challenging enough, particularly if you do not have the right partner in your business.

At Withers Advisory, we understand the needs of farmers and the complexities of primary production – we have been working alongside clients involved in primary production for over 20 years.

Farm accounting is a specialist area and our experience enables us to provide you with information on concessions and assistance available through the taxation system and other government departments.

Withers Advisory can offer many services to our primary production clients, including:

  • Book keeping and reporting
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Taxation
  • End of year tax planning
  • Budgeting and cash flow
  • Operational and ownership structures
  • Succession and estate planning including CGT exemptions
  • Land transfers & stamp duty exemptions